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The Last Entry


 “The most valuable roots are just like

the old-timers who still hunt them.
Wise and wrinkled…with their own stories.
This one’s mine.”

The Last Entry 
Painted in the woodland tones of western North Carolina’s rural mountains, The Last Entry is a journey through the cultural crossroads of post-modern Appalachia where old-time traditions clash with a rapidly-changing world.  Hamilton weaves his tale of brotherhood, loss, and redemption in the Blue Ridge Mountains set under the backdrop of the secretive ginseng trade of the southern Appalachians.

Tucker Trivette is in a bind. He joined the Navy straight out of high school. Without many options, it seemed like the right thing to do. Now he’s heading home–back to the mountain hollers of his youth. To what, he’s not sure, but he’s hoping things are better.

They’re not. Set upon by hard times and a childhood nemesis, Tucker seeks redemption and reward searching for a hidden stash of ginseng deep in the forest that his grandfather noted in a cryptic journal, decades ago. Tucker understands the value of friendship and family—and paying his debts. Determined to play the hand he’s been dealt to start over and succeed, he’ll have to bend the rules to get there.

Praise for The Last Entry

“Hamilton’s authentic and vibrant characters jump from the page and you’ll smell the freshly turned loam with every root that’s dug.”

Dave Lucey, Page 158 Books,
Wake Forest, NC

“Jim Hamilton tells a riveting story about coming of age in the tradition of semi-lawless Appalachia. Chasing their Paw Paw’s legacy, boys must grow up faster than they should. You will root for and ache for these young’uns from the depth of your soul.”

Radney Foster. Singer/Songwriter and Author of For You to See the Stars.

About the Author 

Jim Hamilton is a County Director for North Carolina Cooperative Extension. While he’s written the requisite number of academic articles published in unreadable journals to warrant his PhD in Forestry, this is his first fiction novel. He lives in Boone, North Carolina with his wife Silvi and two boys.


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